Facts about cancellation or rebooking

You can read our full terms and conditions here (currently only in German)


With the binding booking of a log cabin and the confirmation by us, an accommodation contract is concluded, which both parties must adhere to (exception: force majeure).

We as the landlord guarantee that the booked log cabin is available to you at the agreed time. If, for example, the house is not ready due to a defect or overbooking, we are obliged to provide a replacement that is at least equivalent.

For you as a tenant, it applies accordingly that you have to pay the agreed rent for the booked log cabin, even if you cannot travel due to illness or a vacation that has not been granted.

Like many other landlords, we only charge flat-rate cancellation fees that are significantly lower than the rental price actually owed:


Time of withdrawal cancellation fee
at least 12 weeks before arrival 20 % of the rental price
(this usually corresponds to the amount paid)
at least 6 weeks before arrival 50 % of the rental price
at least 3 days before arrival 70 % of the rental price
1-2 days before arrival or no-show 90 % of the rental price


In any case, we try to rent the returned log house again. If we succeed, we only charge a cancellation fee of 10 euros per log cabin.

Please remember that you can insure yourself against the risk of not being able to travel due to illness or other reasons!